Tom Morgan

Tom Morgan Elected as Young Persons Representative

At the ERRC Executive Meeting held on the 9th February 2016 the Executive Committee unanimously co-opted Tom Morgan to the Eastern Region Rowing Council as the Region’s Young Persons Representative. This role was presented to the Region at the recent ERRC Quarterly Meeting held on 1st March and was welcomed by all.

This is a new role within the ERRC set-up and the Committee is excited to have Tom on board to help bridge the link between British Rowing’s Young Person’s Panel (the YPP) and the Regional Council, and voice the views and opinions of young persons (16-23) within our region. Tom will be working closely with Chris Callow who is the Region’s Junior Representative.

Below is Tom’s biography:

Having worked as production editor of Row360 for six months, Tom has a lot of experience within the rowing world. He competed for five years at Star Club, Bedford, racing at the prestigious Henley Royal Regatta in the Fawley Challenge Cup. Tom created and publishes the Junior Rowing Blog and RowGlobal. He is looking forward to working on the Eastern Regional Rowing Council.