Andrew Blit

Andrew Blit Chairman

Sudbury RC
Andrew took up rowing at school in London in 1972 and subsequently raced both at college and club but since 1996 has been based in Sudbury. Having spent a number of years masquerading as a senior rower Andrew has more recently been seen racing at Masters events around the country and is part of the pair that holds the current Masters E 2- record for the Great Ouse Marathon. Andrew has been Vice Captain, Captain and Chairman of Sudbury RC and has coached a number of successful crews over the years.

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Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson Vice Chairman (Finance & Funding)

Cantabrigian RC

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Vicky Parry

Vicky Parry Vice Chairman (Coaching)

Isle of Ely RC
Vicky began rowing at Nottingham Boat Club in the 1970s where she rowed at elite standard. She then became an ARA Silver Level coach (Senior Club Coach) working with Juniors who were successful at national and international level. She was the first woman to coach a public school 1st VIII. In 2004 she became a founder member and Vice-Chairman of the Isle of Ely Rowing Club. A new club needed coaches so she became a Coach Educator and has been training and assessing coaches and delivering Safeguarding training ever since. She chairs the Eastern Region Coach Education Committee and sits on the National Coaching Committee. She has served on the ERRC since 2010 and introduced the Club and Coach Development programme in the region in April 2016.

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Sally Lawrence

Sally Lawrence Secretary

Lea RC
Sally became involved with rowing in 2000 as the mother of a junior who coxed at Lea RC and started coxing because coxes are always needed. She now volunteers at the club and sculls when she has time. She has been rowing Treasurer at the Lea since 2005. Sally was elected as Regional Secretary at the 2014 AGM.

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John Martin

John Martin Treasurer

Cambridge Veterans RC (X-Press RC)
John has been Tresurer since November 2008, serving nearly 5 years on the Council. He took on the role at the request of Andy Johnson.

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Nick Hubble

Nick Hubble Regional Umpiring & Competitions Committee Chairman and Regional Representative on BR National Council

Peterborough City RC
Nick has been Chairman of the Regional Umpiring Committee & Event Co-ordinator responsible for all things umpiring & events in the region since 2007. Nick was also elected as Regional Competitions Co-ordinator at the 2013 AGM.

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Simon White

Simon White Regional Rowing Safety Advisor

Star Club Simon was appointed to the Council in June 2014 as Regional Rowing Safety Advisor. Simon started rowing at Bedford Modern School in the 70’s and after a break of several decades, returned to the sport at Star Club, where he is part of the junior coaching set up and an umpire. His training in local government has given him a useful insight into, risk assessment, safety and disability access which he now hopes to bring to rowing in his new role as Regional Rowing Safety Advisor.

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Tom Morgan

Tom Morgan Young Persons Representative

Star Club Having worked as production editor of Row360 for six months, Tom has a lot of experience within the rowing world. He competed for five years at Star Club, Bedford, racing at the prestigious Henley Royal Regatta in the Fawley Challenge Cup. Tom created and publishes the Junior Rowing Blog and RowGlobal. He is looking forward to working on the Eastern Regional Rowing Council.

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Joanna Cotgrove

Joanna Cotgrove Athletes Representative & JIRR Team Manager

Isle of Ely RC Jo has been involved in the sport of rowing for many years and is a Committee member of Isle of Ely Rowing Club where she holds the position of Junior Co-ordinator. Jo joined the ERRC committee at the 2014 AGM where she was elected to the position of Athletes Representative. Jo is very active in the rowing community sitting on numerous Event Committees, such as the British Junior and Senior Rowing Championships, as well as being a qualified Umpire. In October 2015 Jo was appointed to the position of JIRR Team Manager for the Eastern Region following the resignation of Chris Callow.

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Nicholas M F Murray

Nicholas M F Murray Masters Representative

Broxbourne Rowing Club Nick rowed at the Becket School until 1966, then took a break from rowing until he joined the Masters squad at Broxbourne RC in 2011. He came onto Council in November 2013 at the suggestion of Matt Stallard.

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