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What to do if a rower collapses in a boat (added March 2019)

Safety Alert – What to do if a rower collapses in a boat

Summary of Incidents in 2018 (added January 2019)

2018 Incident analysis – Summary

2018 Incident Analysis

Flow around bends in rivers (added January 2019)

Safety Alert – Flow around bends in rivers

Weils Disease (added December 2018)

Safety Alert- Weil’s disease

Concussion (added October 2018)

Safety Alert – Concussion

Head Injuries (added October 2018)

Safety Alert – Head Injuries 2018

Look out for swimmers (added June 2017):

All clubs are asked to be vigilant about swimmers in the water. The following information and advice has been issued for you to use at your club  Safety Alert – look out for swimmers

Heel restraints (added May 2017):

There have recently been several issues at events where boats presented for inspection have had missing or inadequate heel restraints and other problems. This shows a lack of concern for safety, by clubs, coaches, and rowers, that will not be tolerated.

This document shares important information to be shared at all clubs Safety Alert – Heel Restraints

Incident Reporting:

All incident reporting must be completed through British Rowing’s online service incident reporting tool found at Roger will be notified of all incident reports within the region and will liaise direct with the Club’s Safety Officers to discuss major incidents and how these could have been prevented.

Event Safety Plans:

If you are planning to host an event within the region (Head, Regatta, Primary Event), please remember to submit your Safety Plans, Risk Assessments and Emergency Plans to Roger for review prior to the event. It is imperative that these are submitted to the Regional Safety Officer no less than 2 weeks before the scheduled event.

Weil’s Disease:

Weil’s disease is common in a water related sports. There have been incidents within the region of cases of Weil’s disease. All club Water Safety Officers need to strees the importance of good hygiene and washing hands after outings. Any flu like symptons shortly after contact with water (1-3 weeks) must be reported to the GP doctor explaining the circumstances of exposure.

Club Safety Audits:

Club safety officers will be notified when Club Safety audits are due. It is important that every club adheres to the deadline set by British Rowing.