Rules of Racing – updated in 2018

Rules of Racing and Changes for 2018

(With effect from 1 April, 2018)

Under the direction of the National Competition Committee the Rules of Racing Panel is still working on a major overhaul of the Rules of Racing with the intention of producing a simpler set of rules that also covers other types of competition (indoor, off-shore, stable boat, etc.)

For 2018 however, the changes focussed mainly on removing references to the old points-based system and replacing them with references to the new Personal Ranking Index system.

Two new appendices have also been added to cover Offshore Competition and to formally incorporate the Masters Handicap Operating Notes and handicap table into the Rules of Racing.

Section 8 (Disputes and Disciplinary Procedures) is also currently being overhauled as part of a separate process to reflect changes to the Disciplinary and Grievance procedures adopted by British Rowing.  Details will be circulated once this is complete.

Updated rules available here