ERRC Contact : Nick Hubble

Commission Members: M Blandford-Baker, A Blit, S Clark, R Croome, C Gill, J Miller, F Shearer, A Tayler, Ms J Cotgrove


The Eastern Region Umpiring Committee is always looking for new umpires, and we need new candidates for 2014. Would you like to be one of them?

Unfortunately, most years we lose umpires in our region for various reasons and we have to recruit new trainees every year and train those up during the summer season to take their place. Next year will be no different, and we are looking for more candidates to join what many regard as one of the friendliest regional umpiring teams in the country, and we would like you to join us!

It is not a requirement that you will have had to row in your lifetime to become an umpire, even if many of our umpires have rowed in the past, and quite often when their rowing career is easing off a little, want to give something back to the sport, and take up umpiring. However, as stated above, it is not a requirement, and we would welcome anyone male or female of any age to get in touch with us if interested. With so many events in the rowing calendar these days, demands for officiating at events outside our region, especially for those trained as multi-lane umpires, increase every year, and we then have to recruit from regions outside of our own to run some of our regions events! This is not ideal, as we would like our own regional umpires to run Eastern region events.

A brief description of what’s involved is simple, attend a ‘Rules of Racing’ seminar in early spring, followed by attending as many regattas as possible in our region during the regatta season (you will be with a committee or senior umpire at all times during this training period, so no worries about any difficult decision making for you, the qualified umpire will be responsible for those), followed by at the end of the season an umpires exam consisting of a 50 question written paper, and a table top practical exam. We have a superb success rate in our region, and I’m sure next year will be no different.

Therefore, if above appeals to you, please get in touch with us direct, as we would like to hear from you soon. You can contact any of the following in the first instance.

Simon Clark. Email:
Nick Hubble. Email:
Jo Cotgrove. Email:

If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Simon Clark
Eastern Region Umpiring Committee