Explore the stunning Bure, Ant and Thurne rivers from Wroxham Broad to Hickling Broad
Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 June 2019 : Approximate distance each day 15 miles 
Organised by Beccles Rowing Club, Broadland Boat Club, Lowestoft Rowing Club, Norwich Rowing Club and Yare Boat Club. 

The tour will be on the water and leaving the Norfolk Broads Yacht Club on Wroxham Broad at 11am on Saturday, stopping at the Swan Inn at Horning for lunch and finishing the day at Cox’s Boatyard on Barton Broad. The tour will then leave Barton Broad on Sunday at 11am with a stop for lunch at The Lion at Thurne, finishing at Hickling Broad Sailing Club on Sunday afternoon. 
This is a more remote and ambitious tour than last year and there will be additional requirements for the participants.
  • All participants will need to have a place in a car or other passenger vehicle to get to the start and from the finish each day. We will provide a minibus to ensure drivers can get to and from their vehicles. We are not travelling in a very large area but there will be some waiting time to transport people at the beginning and end of each day.
  • All boats will need to be at the Norfolk Broads Yacht Club on Wroxham Broad and trailers taken to the finish at Hickling on the Friday afternoon or evening.

In addition, there is no large hotel central to the area we will be exploring, so participants will need to arrange their own local accommodation. Advice on possible places to stay are given on the Logistics page on this website. We will be offering an optional Saturday evening meal, at an additional cost, for those who wish to get together.

The event will be for stable, sliding seat ‘Explore’ type quads only, with a maximum of 10 boats. Numbers are limited to ensure it is practical, safe and enjoyable. This is a rowing tour and it may be necessary at times to wait for slower boats to catch up, if necessary. There will be no times nor prizes but a memento for taking part.
The fee for the weekend is £50 per person plus £5 per day per person if you are hiring a boat from us. Lunches on Saturday and Sunday are included. Also, we do not wish to encourage single use water bottles in the Broads National Park and a reusable bottle will be available for everyone at registration. Lunches, a memento and reusable water bottle can be ordered in advance for helpers/companions if required.
Visiting boats will need to have temporary licenses from the Broads Authority. Trailering and parking arrangements, the risk assessment and safety plan will be available available. See further information on the Logistics and Documents pages. 
Entries are invited for whole boats or for a place in a boat and we will endeavour to fit in individuals if we can. Full details of how to enter and pay are on the application forms. There is a link to the forms on the Logistics page.
Entries will close on Tuesday 7 May 2019.