ERRC Contact : Chris Callow

Chris Callow of Star Club, Bedford, is the Regional contact regarding all Junior related issues. Chris is a member of the British Rowing Junior Commission who meet quarterly, and Chris will report back all the latest news regarding Junior rowing.


School Review – Deadline June 26th 2017

As part of a sport wide review of school rowing we are asking teachers, coaches, young rowers and parents to share their thoughts about the sport with us.

Please follow this link to take part in the survey and have your say British Rowing – Schools review 2017


Junior Inter Regional Regatta Team Selection

The Eastern Region Team Manager for the 2016 regatta is Joanna Cotgrove.

Each year in April, the Eastern region send a team to compete at the Junior Inter Regional Regatta. Below we highlight the events on offer at the 2016 regatta:

J16 8+ 4+ 4x 2x 1x

WJ16 8+ 4- 4x 2x 1x

J15 4+ 4x+ 2x 1x

WJ15 4+ 4x+ 2x 1x

J14 4x+ 2x 1x

WJ14 4x+ 2x 1x

The Eastern Region Trials for team selection will be at Peterborough a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the scheduled event, where all small boat events will be contested with the winner of the Trials being selected to compete for the region. In the single scull events, the 2nd place finisher at the trials will be named as the reserve crew in case of injury or illness.

The majority of the sweep events and the coxless quads will be selected from performances at The Schools Head of the River and The National Sculling Head in March. If clubs and schools want to be considered for these events then they should enter these two competitions.


Junior Inter Regional Regatta Team Selection for 2016

Notice published on 21st January 2016

This year, the Junior Inter Regional Regatta takes place at the National Water Sports Centre in Nottingham on the 23rd April 2016.

The regatta offers the following events:

J16 8+, 4+, 4X, 2X, 1X
WJ16 8+, 4-, 4X, 2X, 1X
J15 4+, 4x+, 2X, 1X
WJ15 4+, 4x+, 2X, 1X
J14 4x+, 2x, 1x
WJ14 4x+, 2x, 1x

The Eastern Region Team will be selected from the following events:

The highest ranked Eastern Region crews in coxed and coxless quads will be selected at the Oarsport Junior Sculling Head on Friday 18th March 2016

The highest ranked Eastern Region coxed sweep boats will be selected at the Schools Head of the Rover Race on Thursday 17th March 2016. Please note that WJ16 4- is not offered at the Schools head and therefore the highest ranked coxed crew will be selected although please bear in mind that the successful crew will have to compete in a coxless boat.

In the event that there are fewer that 2 boats entered in any of these categories, the team captain may invite other clubs or schools to compete in a race-off at the Peterborough Small Boats Trials. This may include composite crews.

The small boats will be selected at Small Boats trials held at Peterborough City Rowing Club on Sunday 6th March 2016. Entry forms will be emailed to the junior contact within your club shortly.

A summary of the selection of the various events is set out below:

Schools Head of the River *

J16 8+
WJ16 8+
J16 4+
WJ16 4-
J15 4+
WJ15 4+

Oarsport Sculling Head

J16 4x
WJ16 4x
J15 4x+
WJ15 4x+
J14 4x+
WJ14 4x+

Peterborough Trials

J16 2x
WJ16 2x
J15 2x
WJ15 2x
J14 2x
WJ14 2x

J16 1x
WJ16 1x
J15 1x
WJ15 1x
J14 1x
WJ14 1x

* Subject to more than two entries entered and compete.


Young persons panel

British Rowing’s Young Person’s Panel was established at the end of 2012, who give a voice to the 60 per cent of British Rowing members who are under the age of 25, ensuring that young rowers get the best possible experience from their involvement with rowing.

The YPP provides an opportunity for young people between the ages of 16 and 25 to work together and provide ideas that capture the mood and priorities of young rowers.

The panel meets several times a year for development days, forming and testing ideas that contribute to the development of our sport.

The YPP is chaired by Tom Townsend of Swansea Rowing Club. Other members include: Sophie Behan (Deputy Chairman), Kirsten Adams (Secretary), Theo Bakker (Comms Lead), Zoe Robertson (Comms Lead), Ollie Skan, Holly Reid, Nick Bartlett, Sam Maher, Rich James, Camilla Hadland and Nora Jaafar.

If you would like to contact the YPP please email them at or follow them on Twitter @YRRRowing