The Junior Contact is Dick Millard



JIRR Update

We know how much pressure Junior Coaches come under from all angles on the forward diary, so we are endeavouring to give you some early warning about JIRR.  Please bear in mind that this is not the full JIRR info.

One thing which has been done in the past which has been useful,  and which we are resurrecting, has been an early ‘intention to enter’ document.  This will be circulated at the end of next month to be filled in and submitted by Xmas.  It will then be consolidated and redistributed so you can all see what we, as a team are doing.  Of course, if you see that someone has put in a WJ15 1x who you might consider unbeatable you might switch your athlete to another boat class and, of course, vice versa.

Selection Events:-


The Scullery Monday 18th March will be the primary selection event for this boat class.


The Schools’ Head of the River Race Friday 15th March will be the primary selection event for sweep-oared boats.

Small Boats

We are hoping to get a Sunday at the Peterborough Lake to run our Small Boat Selection Trials and if we get it, it will be run in a multi-divisional format so enabling doubling up athletes and boats.  Entry will this year be on BROE.  We are awaiting a date from the good people of PCRC…. as soon as we have it, we will pass it on to you.

Watch this website page for a full suite of documentation which will be issued when the other pieces fall into place.