The Junior Contact is Dick Millard

JIRR Update

We know how much pressure Junior Coaches come under from all angles on the forward diary, so we are endeavouring to give you some early warning about JIRR.  Please bear in mind that this is not the full JIRR info.

Selection Events:-


The Scullery Monday 18th March will be the primary selection event for this boat class.


The Schools’ Head of the River Race Friday 15th March will be the primary selection event for sweep-oared boats.

Small Boats Trials

Save the Date: Sunday 24 March Peterborough Lake from 10.30hrs

The Race Committee (Chris Callow, Jo Cotgrove and myself) will be meeting very early in January to plan the day and we will get back to you with a full suite of JIRR literature as soon as possible. A possible format is one-way Time Trial in the morning then afternoon side by side FA, FB etc etc. depending on the number of entries.
There will be four main divisions JM1x, JW1x, JM2x, JW2x and JW15 4+ 
Entries will be on BROE2.
If you intend to enter please contact Dick Millard as soon as possible so that you can be added to the mailing list.

Watch this website page for a full suite of documentation which will be issued when the other pieces fall into place.




Junior Bursaries 2018

Each year the Eastern region gives a bursary to any Juniors who have represented the GB at an International level. The names of the juniors receiving this bursary were announced at the ERRC AGM on the 20th November 2018, at the Goldie Boathouse, Cambridge and have been listed below.

Well done to everyone who has reached this high standard.


Connor Sheriden, Bedford School (JM8)


No representatives


Jasper den Dalk, Lea RC (JM 2x)

Louis Powell, Lea RC (JM 2x)


GB v France

Rosa Millard, Lea RC  (JW8)

Ella Sharman , Lea RC (JW8)

Molly Foxell, Lea RC  (JW8)

Laura Ellington, Lea RC (JW8)

Huckleberry Hempshall, Norwich School (JM8)

John Elliot, Norwich School (JM8)

Matthew Tremelling, Norwich School (JM8)

Duncan Steel, Norwich School (JM8)