ERRC Contact : Vicky Parry and Tim Messent

Coach Education

Who we are:

The Coach Education Team in the Eastern Region is led by Tim Messent who is the British Rowing Team Leader.

Team members are:

Vicky Parry, Chairman of the Eastern Region Coaching Committee (Isle of Ely Rowing Club) Tutor & Assessor
Mike Arnold (Cantabs Rowing Club) Tutor & Assessor
Ian Bardrick (Peterborough City Rowing Club) Assessor
Jacq Barnard (Deben Rowing Club) Tutor
Steve Brown (Peterborough City Rowing Club) Tutor & Assessor
Jonathan Conder (Jesus College Cambridge) Tutor
Sharon Noble-Layng (British Rowing Participation Team Leader) Tutor
Kes Stapleton (Peterborough City Rowing Club) Assessor & Verifier
David Wynne (Norwich Rowing Club) Tutor & Assessor

What we do:

The group of tutors, assessors and verifiers meet regularly to plan and deliver training and workshops throughout the Eastern Region including:

UKCC Level 2 Club Coach:
The first award for coaching individuals on the water. It is aimed at beginner coaches, not just coaches of beginners, so is applicable to coaches working with all groups. You may be a former athlete or a parent wishing to begin coaching, a teacher or a coach with experience looking to gain formal recognition of your abilities.

UKCC Level 2 Session Coach:
This is a first step into coaching with less of a commitment than the Club Coach award. Participants are helped to develop their coaching skills so that they can support their club with coaching by delivering a taster day, planning one off sessions or assisting with a wider development programme.

Rowing Leaders Award:
An introduction to coaching for coaches working under the supervision of a qualified coach, aimed at those aged between 16 and 18.

Workshops and Seminars:
Including an introduction to what it takes to become a coach, Coxing and Steering, Rigging and Safeguarding and Protecting Children are open to all coaches in the region or on demand to individual clubs.

We also organise workshops which are delivered by the British Rowing high performance coaches and biannual seminars to keep coaches in touch with the latest thinking behind providing excellent coaching at all levels.

Please go to the ‘Courses’ tab on the main menu for the upcoming courses in our Region. You can also visit the British Rowing website by following this link