National Competition Committee Vacancies


The election will take place in December 2018 with a view to successful candidates taking up their role at the NCC meeting on 6th January 2019. Interested and appropriately qualified candidates are requested to submit their CV (including rowing experience) by no later than 29th November 2018. The NCC will review the nominations and the committee will elect the most suitable candidates who will also be approved by the Sports Committee.

Remit of the NCC

To develop and implement ‘A progressive and flexible competition framework that is sustainable, recognises achievement and give both existing and new competitors the opportunity to row in high quality events.

Working with the Sport Committee and BR staff the objective is to create a national competition structure which has a broad range of competitions at multiple levels and flexible formats to encourage an increase in participation.  The committee is not regionally based, members are elected for the specific experience and expertise in competition.  However, the committee aims to have representation from across the country and members have a responsibility to represent all Regions in delivering the above, not solely their own.

The individuals elected will be expected to take on a specific role within the committee supporting the development, monitoring and analysis of competition.  Meetings are generally held at British Rowing, Hammersmith, four times per year.  There are two specific roles needed to be filled whereas the remainder of the positions will be arranged according to the experience of the individuals.

The specific roles that need to be filled are:

  1. National Calendar Co-ordinator (develop a strategy for competitions and work with the regional event co-ordinators to formulate the national calendar)
  2. Secretary (to deal with the Committee’s administrative functions and take minutes of meetings)


Selection Criteria

  1. Demonstrate a good understanding of the current competition structure and awareness of the New Competition Framework.
  2. Have a proven track record in competition organisation and management of regattas, heads and / or other events, potentially in other sports.
  3. Provide examples that demonstrate initiative and a willingness to develop the sport to meet the changing needs of participants.
  4. Have the ability to engage with competition organisers and other stakeholders involved in competition to develop good practice. This will require the ability to liaise with BR staff during office hours.
  5. Demonstrate good communication and IT skills
  6. Be able and willing to be flexible in the amount of time given to the role as this varies depending on the time of year and current priorities.
  7. Bring a useful alternative perspective or lateral experience related to the work of the committee

Applications from competitions organisers, coaches, competitors and umpires are all welcomed.

The terms of reference of the Committee are in the 2018 Almanack (Page 300) or available from British Rowing.