JIRR Team East Selection Announced

Well done to all crews who competed for selection at either the Small Boats Trials, The National Sculling Head or the Schools Head of the River over the past few weeks. I am now pleased to confirm the following crews have been selected to compete for the Eastern Region at the JIRR on the 23rd April.


WJ14 1x Millard (LEA)

J14 1x Taylor (ROB)

WJ14 2x urnbull (ROB)

J14 2x Wall (KSE)

WJ14X+ Lewis (BGS)

J14 4x+ Baker (NOR)

WJ15 1x Morgan (CNN)

J15 1x Millard (KSE)

WJ15 2x Wolfson (ROB)

J15 2x den Dalk (LEA)

WJ15 4X+ Greatrex (KSE)

J15 4x+ Johnson-Hall (KSE)

WJ15 4+ To be confirmed

J15 4+ Hook (NSC)

WJ16 1x McCourt (LEA)

J16 1x Colliver (STA)

WJ16 2x Hughes/Heylen (NOR/SIV)

J16 2x Wroe (DEB)

WJ16 4x Parker (ROB)

J16 4x (OUS)

WJ16 4- To be confirmed

J16 4+ To be confirmed

WJ16 8+ Froggatt-Brown (LEA)

J16 8+ O’Shea (NSC)


Joanna Cotgrove

Team Manager