Introducing the new Rowing the World website

Below is an email from Rowing the World, a Canadian company who specialise in organising rowing tours. Although the email was sent originally to the BR Masters Committee, the fact that we have forwarded it to others within the UK rowing community, does not imply any endorsement by BR of the services provided by the firms concerned.
It is with enormous pleasure and excitement that I am announcing the launch of a new website for Rowing The World and The Rowing Concierge. We are doing more than just refreshing our look.  We are  launching a new rowing travel concept – The Rowing Travel Hub. We will also now offer services to Build Rowing Tourism.

At Rowing The World, we have always taken a partnership approach. We work with many rowing clubs and federations around the world to deliver our trips. This brings revenue to the clubs and to rowers through the rental of shells and sometimes safety boats, local guides and other services. It is also a wonderful way to connect local rowers with those from other clubs and countries.

The Rowing Travel Hub is the next logical step, building partnerships to be able to offer you, the travelling rower, more options and destinations that best suit your interests, skills and budget. We welcome our three inaugural Partners – two businesses and a rowing federation. Row The Thames offers weekend and longer trips out of Oxford, England in traditional Thames skiffs – fixed seat and no previous rowing experience required. iRow Tours specialises in Central and Eastern Europe and welcomes those who wish to build their skills. The Oslo Rokrets (Oslo Rowing League) will run a magnificent tour in the Oslo fjord, in the style of World Rowing Tours. I hope that you are as thrilled by this initial selection, as I am.

Please take a look – same URL Thank you very much to our hardworking web designer, Christine from The Web Gecko.

We very much welcome your comments and input. We are expanding the search function – if you have suggestions for key words, please send them through the contact form. Keep checking back. We will gradually be adding more Partners to the Rowing Travel Hub, giving you more and more choices, inspiration and information on where to travel to row or how you can row when you travel. 


Our first trip of 2017 is the Belize Oar Board rowing adventure. We have guests coming from Argentina, Australia, Britain, Canada and the USA. Only four places remain. Don’t miss this opportunity to row not only in a tropical paradise, but also where no one has rowed before. It is mighty cold in Winnipeg right now, and I am being warmed by thoughts of rowing there and also in South Africa beginning in March. Join us!

As part or our new Building Rowing Tourism services, we will be posting case studies, ideas and examples in our Rowing Travel Blog about how rowing trips are designed and operated. Our first post is about a private trip to St. Petersburg, Russia, a spectacular destination that we are looking forward to running again in the future. 

Thank you very much to everyone who has supported us in our first four years of this business – we look forward to more rowing, travel, adventures and fun with all of you in 2017!