ERRC Coaching Page

Are you taking your first steps in to Coaching?

Do you want to improve your coaching technique and knowledge?

If so the Eastern Region Coach Education Committee can help…

Coaching in the Eastern Region is supported by the following people who are happy to answer your questions:

Vicky Parry, (Ely RC) Chairman of the National Coaching Committee Email  

Jacq Barnard, (Deben Rowing Club) ERRC Club and Coach Co-ordinator / Coach Educator  Email

Pete Forrest, (Peterborough City RC) Coach Educator Email

Jonathan Conder, (Jesus College Cambridge) Coach Educator Email

Katherine Morris, Fixed Seat Coach Educator, Email

Gabor Marton, Coach Educator Email

Sharon Noble Layng, Coach Educator Email

Steve Brown, Coach Educator Email

Steve Casey, Coach Educator Email

Mike Arnold, Coach Educator Email

Ian Bardrick, (Cantabs) Coach Educator Email

Dan Hetherington, Quality Assurance Email

Rory Semple, Quality Assurance Email


The Eastern Region Coaching Committee supports the development of coaches in a number of ways:

  • Facilitating networking hubs
  • Bringing coaches together for “Sharing Good Practice” days and through our Coaches Forum on Facebook:

  • Offering mentors to newly qualified coaches
  • Delivering training for Mentors
  • Funding advice and financial support for coach training

 Other Workshops:

A broad spectrum of coaching courses is offered by your County Sport Partnership. Your local CSP can be found at WWW.CSPNETWORK.ORG 


Emergency Aid training:

The British Heart Foundation offers these courses free of charge. They also offer training for people to deliver the workshop. The link to the BHF site is

St John Ambulance offers community courses for £25 per head or £150 per club.


Safeguarding & Protecting Children Workshops are available are through British Rowing, Sports Coach UK and your local CSP.

If you have any Education & Training needs or issues with course booking please contact the Coaching Team using the e-mail addresses above and we will be happy to help.  



Funding is often available through your County Sports Partnership or local authority.
The Eastern Region is keen to support the training of coaches and funding of up to 33% is available for the Club Coach, Session Coach and Rowing Leader courses and may also be available for other British Rowing Courses.

Please download the application form located at the bottom of this page.

If you have any Education or Training needs or issues with course booking please contact the British Rowing Bedford office:

2018 ERRC funding support for coaches


If you can’t find the course that you need at the time that you need it please click on the BR ‘Request a course‘ button and send BR your requirements. If there is enough known demand in a given area, additional courses can be scheduled.