BROE2 Seminar For Event Organisers

It is with great pleasure that the ERRC are able to host a seminar for Event Organisers to run through what BROE2 does for events on 23rd Feb – venue: Peterborough City Rowing Club, 19.30hrs.
The new competition framework is coming into operation over the next year. All racing events should now be considering how they will adapt their existing formats to take advantage of the new flexibilities offered and how they will run when the new framework comes into full force in a year’s time.
Eastern region Rowing Council has organised a session to be lead by Phil Clements, Deputy Chairman of the National Competition Committee,  and Jeff Elms, British Rowing Competitions Project Officer .
Both Jeff & Phil has been very closely involved with the team of both volunteers and professional staff in the design, coding, implementation & testing of BROE2 which is proving a success so far.
This session is intended for Event Organisers to become more aware of the implementation of the new Online Entry system and how it can be used to run events. It will present opportunities to ask questions of the designers of the new system and to discuss issues common to events across the region.
If you wish to attend, or to send a delegate, please respond to myself directly or your regional chairman Andrew Blit so that we know what sort of numbers we need to accommodate.
If this email is reaching you and you are not an event organiser then please pass this onto whoever is at your club so that they can attend in that specific capacity.
Numbers are limited so hence this is restricted to event organisers or their delegates only.